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Career Guidance & Councelling

Why Guidance:

Guidance is needed at every stage of development right from the beginning of life till the end. Everyone needs guidance at one time or the other. If properly guided, every individual will be satisfied in life. At present, Guidance has taken an unprecedented lead over all the other helping professions, for it empowers an individual to charter his life successfully, inspite of all odds.

Right Guidance Leads to Bright Career:

A career should be fulfilling, satisfactory and well paying. It should put the unique skills and talents of a person to good use in his or her profession. If a person cannot use his skills or talents in his profession, then it leaves the person frustrated and dissatisfied with the profession and often leads to other problems.

We, at Career Lab, can show you the right careers for you. Specially designed career tests can now reveal a lot about you - your unique skills, talents, competencies etc. These career tests can now show you the path to the right careers for you. Careers that will utilize your unique skills and talents.

We also have a unique video programme where we show you real life people in their own professions doing their work. This will give you an idea of how it is to work in the profession which you choose, what a typical day is like in that job, what skills do you require to do that job and many other things.

We also have printed materials about the various courses and job and work profiles, where you will find details about the work profiles in different career fields, the qualifications required, the skills needed to pursue that career and the courses and educational qualifications that are needed.

And above all we have a personal session with the students and the parents in which we tell the students about their unique skills and profiles and what career should they pursue based on the career tests they have given. This is a one-to-one interaction with the students and their parents, advising them on taking certain careers which match the students profile, and why should they pursue them.

The main goals are:

  • Exploring-self: The basic aim is to help an individual increase his understanding and acceptance of self;his physical development, his intelligence, aptitudes, interest, personality traits, attitudes and values, his achievements in scholastic and other spheres, his aspirations and life-style preferences and above all his here -and-now needs which keep him highly motivated to behave positively or otherwise.
  • Determining Values: The second aim is to help an individual recognize the importance of values, explore different sets of values, determine personal values and examine them in relation to the norms of society and their importance in planning for success in life.Setting Goals: This aim is to help an individual set goal for him self and relate these to the values determined by him so that he recognizes the importance of long-range planning.
  • Explore the World of Work: The aim here is to help the individual explore the World of Work in relation to his self-exploration, his value system and goals that he has set for himself to achieve success in life.
  • Improving Efficiency: The individual is helped to learn about factors which contribute to increase effectiveness and efficiency and to improve his study habits.
  • Building Relationship: The aim is to help the individual to be aware of his relationship with others and to note that it is a reflection of his own feelings about himself.
  • Accepting responsibility for the future: The individual is helped to develop skill in social and personal forecasting, acquire attitudes and skills necessary for mastering the future.

Career Counseling On

  • Awareness on GATE
  • Awareness on GMAT
  • Awareness on IELTS
  • Awareness on TOFEL
  • Awareness on GRE