Malineni Perumallu Educational Society's Group Of Institutions, Guntur

Sports Facilities

The Physical Education Department took the responsibility not only to provide the necessary infrastructure that helps the students to inculcate good habit of playing games but also to develop the sportsmanship and comradeship. The college is provided with Indoor games also in an area of nearly 300 Sq.m, which is furnished with Gymnasium and accommodating the indoor games like Table Tennis, Caroms, Chess etc., to horn the skills in the respective games as well as to enhance the physical fitness of the students and faculty. Annual Intramural Tournaments in various games and sports are being conducted for the students as well as for the staff . Routinely and the Prizes will be distributed on the Annual day celebrations.

List of five best indoor facilities available:

  • Table Tennis
  • Caroms
  • Weight Lifting
  • Gym Items
  • Chess

List of five best outdoor facilities available:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Voley Ball
  • Ball Badminton
  • Throw Ball
  • Tenny Coit