Malineni Perumallu Educational Society's Group Of Institutions, Guntur

Mechanical Engineering

About The Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the "Malineni Perumallu educational society's group of institutions" was formed in the year 2009. Mechanical Engineering plays a major role in structuring the real world, which is a challenging discipline. Mechanical Engineers design, manufacture and maintain machinery used by all disciplines of engineering. This discipline has attracted outstanding individuals and helped in addressing the crucial technical challenges in the contemporary world. The career path of a mechanical engineer is largely determined by individual choice-a unique advantage in an ever-changing competitive world. It encompasses all important aspects of Modern Technology. In Automotive, Paper, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Automation, Robotic, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industries and Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineers have been playing a leading role. Mechanical and Thermal Design of Computers and other Electronic Equipment is carried out by Mechanical Engineers. To summarize, the versatility, wide-ranging scope and universal relevance of mechanical engineering opens up career avenues in all possible branches of the engineering profession.

The Department offers B.Tech. Development of ANSYS, Pro-Engineer, Master CAM, AutoCAD packages, Mechanical Desktop, Edge CAM etc., revolutionized the way Mechanical Engineers tackle the problems. Forecasting of the failure, Diagnostics of Breakdowns, Quality Circles, Optimization of Machine elements, Preparation of New Models have become the order of the day for budding Mechanical Engineers. In the early days of the profession, Most of the work of Mechanical Engineers consisted of Design & Manufacture. Now Mechanical Engineers need to know a lot of Principles from other disciplines of Engineering to stay ahead. Guest Lectures and Industrial visits are arranged for Shop floor experience and inplant Training.

The Department has well established laboratories and students learn the concepts through Experienced and well trained Faculty. Several computing environments are available for their study and use computers are also an added advantage for problem solving in many Mechanical Engineering courses. As science and Engineering are rapidly changing and advancing, the courses offered by the Department take care of the needs of Prospective Mechanical Engineers.

All the staff are passionate and dedicated towards teaching and have the welfare and prospect of the students as their main interest. The Department regularly organizes various faculty development programs to update the knowledge of faculty. Our management is also give support to enrich the knowledge and to get familiar with the latest advancements.