Malineni Perumallu Educational Society's Group Of Institutions, Guntur

Canteen Facilities

About Canteen

The College has a well established canteen in the campus. It forms the junction of the students from different streams/courses. It makes all edible items available to the students and faculty members as per their requirement. The environment in the canteen is clean & hygienic. The rates charged for various items of food are checked and approved by the college administration. Canteen is open on working days from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Canteen Committee

A canteen committee is responsible for monitoring the operations of the canteen and implementing and reviewing the canteen policy. They may also be responsible for specific decisions as specified in the canteen policy, such as employing staff, authorising major purchases or authorizing changes in the menu. A canteen committee is a proven way to give the canteen enough autonomy to operate as a business while maintaining strong connections with the institute.

Some advantages of having a canteen committee are:
  • The workload of overseeing the canteen can be shared amongst a team.
  • It is a forum where different views and ideas from the organization can be considered without disrupting the day to day management of the canteen.
  • It separates the direction of the canteen from the management of the canteen, giving the organization more flexibility in how the canteen operates.